Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to Be a Part of the Waterford Estates Lodge

  1. Location: Located in South Bend with close proximity to the campus of Notre Dame.
  2. Luxury: The highest quality hotel room and amenities in the market including premier hotel beds, a flat-screen T.V., a Bose radio and kitchenette features in the room.
  3. Level of Detail: From the strength of the shower head to the comfort of the bed, the architect, designer and developer have diligently worked to provide an inviting and warm setting.
  4. Lismore: A comfortable dining establishment that will soon be the premier restaurant in South Bend.
  5. Laughter: Brigid’s, the pub and lounge on site will soon become the premier gathering place for laughs, sports and great debate.
  6. Lifestyle: Through the position of the “Hotelier”, the Waterford Estates Lodge will provide an on-site staff person solely dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the owners while at the property or away.
  7. Live with Peace of Mind: While away from South Bend, your unit will be professionally managed by an experienced team of hotel and real estate executives.
  8. Link: In providing a collegial atmosphere in a country club environment, the Waterford Estates Lodge will provide a link to their college years for young and old alums alike.
  9. Libations: Whether for Saturday’s tailgate or a reunion of classmates, the Waterford Estates Lodge will provide the highest quality of beverage and food choices for every occasion.
  10. Legacy: As noted by Mike Golic (ND alum, NFL veteran and ESPN personality), who recently joined the Waterford Estates Lodge family, “…the Waterford Estates Lodge will quickly become a part of Irish tradition.”