Why Us

Why Choose South Bend & the Waterford Estates Lodge?

South Bend’s primary asset is the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, along with the four other colleges in town, is one of the leading economic generators in northwest Indiana. The Waterford, located in close proximity to the University, will be the premier lodging facility in the market.

The alumni of Notre Dame are often regarded as some of the strongest and most supportive in the country. The word “fan” derived from “fanatic”, and no other place embodies this as much as Notre Dame. The affluent alumni and fan base, which is spread throughout the country, continually make their “pilgrimageā€ to South Bend on fall weekends.

In addition, as the baby boomer generation ages to their golden years, many demographers and social prognosticators have projected a strong return to university towns that offer continuing education, cultural enlightenment and entertainment. Notre Dame’s academic and athletic reputations meet all of these needs. The developers of the Waterford are seeing significant demand from those empty nesters and retirees that are looking for a link back to their college years. One of the Waterford’s goals is to provide that collegial atmosphere within a country club environment.

While South Bend does not have the glitz and glamour of South Beach or the beaches of the Caribbean, the Waterford is very attractive to condo hotel buyers for several reasons. There is tremendous depth in the alumni base and the University provides a very strong presence. Unlike companies that move, it is fairly certain that Notre Dame will not be leaving South Bend anytime soon.

Another important factor to the connection between the Waterford and Notre Dame is the Waterford’s General Manager, Mike Brenan. Mike, a successful hotel veteran of 30+ years with Sheraton and several independent properties, graduated from Notre Dame in 1971. In this venture, Mike is bringing his professional and personal passions together.

The concept has been very well received in the initial weeks that this opportunity has been available.